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2004 Holy Thursday Retreat

On Holy Thursday, April 9, 57 youth from Sacred Heart Church and St. James Lutheran Church gathered in the church hall for a traditional Seder Supper followed by fellowship, service projects, prayer, reflection, fasting, and a maybe even a few hours of sleep.

The evening started with a Seder Supper in the hall which was hosted by our own representative "Rabbi", Joe Ruggiero.
Many of the youth who were planning to spend the night for the retreat arrived early for the Seder Supper. Several adults also participated in the event.
Of course, there were some younger participants as well...
The traditional Seder Supper includes several foods which have significance with respect to the first Passover when God delivered the Jews from Egypt.
Everyone raises their cup of grape juice as part of the ceremony.
Joe enlisted the help of several volunteers to read various parts.
Joe set up the head table with the appropriate vessels to be used during the Seder.
After the Seder Supper, many of the attendees stayed for the Holy Thursday Mass. After the mass, the youth from Sacred Heart and St. James gathered in the hall for some snacks and fellowship. In this picture, the group sat together to sing some songs of faith.
Deacon Chuck Dietsch spent some quiet time with the youth to tell a beautiful story he had written some years back of the passion, written from the perspective of Mary.
The youth then split into groups to reenact each of the stations as a skit. Everyone was very creative when it came to finding or creating props.
Mrs. Griffin even dug up some old costume materials.
In this station, the person in blue is actually "the cross" while Brian, in white represents Jesus.
There were even some crafts assembled during down time.
Some of the attendees brought their guitars to share some music and song together.
Our own seminarian, Joe Zukowski, gave a great talk on the various vessels and vestments used by priests.
The youth awaken after just a few hours of sleep...
...and head to the bathrooms to clean up, get dressed, and prepare for the Faith Walk.
Several of the adults either woke up early or skipped bed altogether to make sure everything went smoothly. A light Good Friday breakfast was served.
Everyone helped to clean up the hall to prepare for the end of Holy Week.
Participants in the final station gathered to rehearse under the guidance of Mrs. Zukowski.
Mrs. Griffin then led a scripture discussion just before everyone donned their costumes for the Faith Walk.

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