Sacred Heart Church - Southbury, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Thanksgiving Food Drive It's that time of the year again. Time for the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Time to reach out to our neighbors in need. Here one of the young volunteers is helping bring a donation to the collection point.

Thanksgiving Food Drive Sue did the organizing, and Dorn helped out. Good combination.
Thanksgiving Food Drive Sometimes those cars just get too full. Then it requires some expert knowledge to rearrange everything and still fit in a few more items.
Thanksgiving Food Drive Assembly line style, the cars get loaded. Then everything is brought to a central location for the Food Bank to assemble into holiday food packages.
Thanksgiving Food Drive Here's the group, or at least most of it. Everyone had fun, and at the same time helped a neighbor. Not a bad idea.
Thanksgiving Food Drive From the church, the donations are carried to the Plaza, where they are unloaded from the cars and...
Thanksgiving Food Drive ...stacked inside one of the stores. Lots of energy required to get all that done between Masses.
Thanksgiving Food Drive But even so, there's always time for some donuts and juice and time to relax.
Thanksgiving Food Drive Tote that barge, lift that bale. Move those groceries into the car. Hurry. More on the way.
Thanksgiving Food Drive And overlooking the whole operation is St. Ficare, patron saint of gardeners. Seems appropriate, doesn't it, that a gardener should be watching out for a food collection.

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